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for Start-Ups, Mid-Market and Large Corporations

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We provide on-demand access to the most experienced executive-level deal advisors to deliver the leadership and support needed for your organization's most complex commercial transactions and business negotiations.  Whether you need a senior executive deal advisor on an interim or fractional basis, or for a more permanent role, to lead your organization through an entire deal, our advisors provide the flexibility, experience and skills required to achieve your transaction objectives. 

Proven Expertise

Our advisors have a deep understanding of the transactional challenges faced by start-ups, mid-market and large corporations in various industries and jurisdictions.

Deal Leadership

Our advisors excel at leading and managing cross-functional teams of internal and external resources  to execute our clients' most complex transactions.

Results-Driven Approach

With decades of transactional experience as senior executives and in legal, finance and management roles, our advisors deliver strategic hands-on leadership throughout the deal process from initial structuring to closing.

How We Can Help

Executive-Level Transactional Expertise: Our experienced transactional advisors are ready to take on senior executive and advisory roles to lead and guide your organization through its most complex transactions, whether on a part-time, interim or fractional basis or in more permanent roles.

Comprehensive Services: Our advisors provide end-to-end leadership and guidance, from pre-transaction planning and strategy, to negotiation and post-closing integration.

Global Reach: Our advisors leverage technology to deliver services remotely to clients worldwide, and can attend your offices or other deal locations as needed to accomplish your transaction objectives.

Broad Transaction Expertise Across Multiple Industries: Our executive deal advisors can handle the most complex types of business transactions and negotiations, including mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt financings, joint ventures and various other types of critical business transactions, across a broad range of industries.

Tailored Solutions: We tailor our executive deal advisors' services to fit your specific business situation and transaction objectives.


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