DEALEXEC Unveils New Leadership and Executive Deal Advisors to Drive Innovation in Transactional Advisory Services

DEALEXEC Unveils New Leadership and Executive Deal Advisors to Drive Innovation in Transactional Advisory Services

January 2024

DEALEXEC Corp. (, a growing startup in the executive deal advisory industry, is delighted to announce the appointment of Chip Kenney as Chief Executive Officer and Israel Tabi as Chief Operations Officer to spearhead the operational launch and growth of the company. This marks a pivotal moment for DEALEXEC as we also introduce our initial team of Executive Deal Advisors, each contributing unique expertise to advance the company's mission of excellence and innovation in transactional executive leadership.

Leadership Team:

Chip Kenney, the new CEO of DEALEXEC, is a seasoned entrepreneur renowned for his exceptional deal- making abilities. Over the past decade, Chip has successfully guided startups to unprecedented heights, with sales exceeding $1 billion. His hands-on management style and commitment to fostering collaborative work environments have been pivotal in the success of ventures spanning Medical Equipment, B2B Portal Software, and Capital Equipment for Semiconductor/Solar Manufacturers.

Israel Tabi, our new COO, is a results-driven real estate and business development leader, with an outstanding track record in real estate development, acquisition, and sales, and expertise in strategic planning, financial analysis, and contract negotiations. Israel has led and managed multimillion-dollar projects and optimized real estate portfolios, bringing a wealth of experience and energy to DEALEXEC.

Chip and Israel will also act as Executive Deal Advisors to DEALEXEC’s clients, providing strategic leadership and guidance throughout the deal-making process, from initial strategy and structuring to negotiations and implementation.

New Executive Deal Advisors:

DEALEXEC also welcomes the following new Executive Deal Advisors to our team:

• Gregory Salvaggio: A proven expert in Commercial Real Estate and Private Equity, Gregory specializes in identifying value properties, financial evaluations, and strategic planning, adding a valuable perspective to DEALEXEC's executive team.

• Reginald M. Hislop: A nationally recognized Healthcare Executive, Consultant, and Author, Reginald brings extensive CEO/Board-level experience and a remarkable track record in new product development, start-ups, strategic partnerships, mergers/acquisitions integration, and healthcare industry strategic planning.

• Robert Levy: A seasoned Transportation and Logistics Executive, Robert excels in working capital management, corporate governance, strategic business development, contracts, and project management.

• Darian Anderson: A transactional expert in B2B Technology with over two decades of experience, Darian excels in providing strategic visionary leadership, advisory direction, and overall management of company GTM strategy, delivery, and transactions.

• Phil C. Rousseau: With 20+ years of experience in complex transactions, mergers & acquisitions, financings, and negotiations, Phil brings a strong transactional and legal background to our executive deal advisory team.

Each Executive Deal Advisor contributes a wealth of experience and a complementary skill set to DEALEXEC, reinforcing the company's commitment to innovation, market presence, and client satisfaction.

Chip Kenney, the new CEO of DEALEXEC, expressed his confidence in the new management team and Executive Deal Advisors, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome our new team of Executive Deal Advisors. They will play a crucial role in driving DEALEXEC's mission to deliver exceptional executive deal leadership and successful transaction outcomes for our clients."

We invite you to stay tuned for groundbreaking developments and strategic initiatives as we embark on this exciting journey. To learn more about DEALEXEC, our mission, and our roster of Executive Deal Advisors, please visit


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