Our Firm

Our Firm

DEALEXEC provides on-demand access to the most experienced executive-level deal advisors who can
deliver the executive-level leadership and support needed for your organization’s most complex
commercial transaction and business negotiations. Our advisors specialize in strategic deal making to
guide and support our clients, from start-ups to large national and multinational corporations, through
their most complex commercial transactions and business negotiations. We source and provide access
to independent, dedicated, executive-level advisors to guide and lead your internal and external deal
teams, from initial pre-transaction planning and strategy, due diligence and negotiation, to closing and
deal execution. Our advisors strive to achieve optimal results for our clients through creative and
effective deal leadership, internal and external deal team management, proactive process and
communications, streamlined negotiations, and integrity and respect throughout the transactional

DEALEXEC executive deal advisors guide and support our clients through the most complex types of
business transactions and negotiations, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, debt and
equity financings, business contracts and relationships, corporate governance and strategy, commercial
dispute assessment and resolution, and other critical business situations. Our advisors focus on
providing strategic leadership and guidance to assist from the initial strategy and structuring stage of a
transaction through to execution and implementation, including coordinating internal and external deal
teams, developing and negotiating transaction documents, and deal leadership and execution. They
work directly and seamlessly with our clients’ senior management and internal resources to lead
multidisciplinary teams and external tax, legal, accounting and other professional advisors, and to
coordinate and implement deal strategy, structuring, process, due diligence, documentation,
negotiations and closing.

Our services are tailored to each client’s specific business situation and objectives. Our advisors
leverage their experience advising corporate management, founders, investors, buyers, sellers, lenders
and other stakeholders in various types of business transactions across multiple industries, in order to
deliver exceptional value and results.

Our advisors provide services in English and French and leverage technology to deliver services
remotely to clients worldwide, attending to your company’s offices or other locations whenever
necessary to meet in person or achieve your transaction objectives. Our advisors have experience
working with clients and transactions in multiple jurisdictions, including the United States, Canada,
Mexico, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Africa and Australia.



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