Our People

Our People

Our advisors are strategic deal makers and negotiators with several years of experience advising and
guiding senior management, directors, shareholders, lenders, investors, employers and other business
stakeholders in various commercial matters, including sales and acquisitions, equity and debt financings,
partnerships, joint ventures, and licensing, distribution and service arrangements. They have diverse
backgrounds ranging from legal, financial and management consulting roles and senior executive
positions in various industries, with a particular focus on handling complex negotiations and
transactions. Their experience, expertise and skillset enables them to leverage teamwork, leadership,
integrity and principled problem-solving to address strategic transaction issues and successfully
complete large and time-sensitive transactions.

Our advisors are experienced handling and managing a broad range of share and asset acquisitions and
dispositions, financings, reorganizations, private equity transactions and venture capital investment
transactions. Their work also involves business structuring and formation matters (including
shareholder, partnership and joint venture arrangements), as well as business strategy with a particular
emphasis on commercial contract negotiations and dispute resolution. Our advisors have acted in
numerous complex, multi-party commercial transactions and business matters, including sales and
acquisitions of public and private companies, joint ventures, partnerships, investments, senior and
subordinated bank and other public and private debt and equity financings, technology sharing,
licensing, outsourcing and distribution arrangements, corporate governance, commercial and pre-
litigation disputes.

Explore our team of accomplished executive deal advisors by referring to our Directory and Bios here.
This resource provides in-depth profiles of each Executive Deal Advisor, showcasing their extensive
experience in strategic deal-making, negotiations, and a wide array of commercial transactions across industries.
Whether you are seeking expertise in sales and acquisitions, equity and debt financings, partnerships,
joint ventures, or other commercial transactions, our advisors bring diverse leadership backgrounds
and a proven track record in handling complex negotiations and transactions.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and the experience and skillset you are looking for in
an executive deal advisor. We will be pleased to work with you to find an experienced executive deal
advisor who can handle your most sophisticated and challenging transactions.



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